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When is the best season to plant my tree/shrub?

In fact, it is up to the nurseryman to extract the trees at the appropriate time. Most species show better vegetative performance when harvested dormant, that is, usually in early spring. Once harvested and placed in a basket, these can be planted throughout the year without major impacts. On the other hand, additional precautions must be taken during heat waves and during transport, for example, in order to minimize the impact on the species.


How often should I water?

Deep watering is required when planting. Thereafter, we must take note of the environment in which the tree grows by putting our hands on the ground. There are a range of factors that influence watering such as: soil type, rainfall, drainage, sunlight etc. Each of these factors influence the water requirements of each species. Prescribing a watering schedule is therefore almost impossible! However, we warn you against automated irrigation systems; trees do not have the same water needs as your lawn.


Will your equipment damage my land during the planting service?

We take the necessary precautions to minimize the foreseeable impact of the equipment on your property. For example, we use sheets of plywood to circulate in fragile places. The earth is transported by wheelbarrow, thus limiting the use of heavy equipment.


Is the soil on my land conducive to the establishment of my trees/shrubs?

Our region offers different types of soil. It is therefore relevant to know the type of soil before selecting the species in order to choose the best suited ones. Backfilled or heavy clay soils are often less efficient. In these cases, Horticulture Latrémouille can excavate a large planting pit to incorporate soil instead of using the excavated soil. This has the effect of improving the performance of the soil and thus favoring a homogeneous transition for the chosen tree or shrub. Regardless of the nature of the soil, poor drainage is one of the main constraints to watch out for.


I require a planting service. What is the space needed to access my backyard with your equipment?

Generally, a width of 40 inches (1.1 m) and a height of 96 inches (2.4 m) are sufficient to access the planned planting places with our equipment. More generous space may be required in uneven terrain or depending on the specific layout of your land and in consideration of the facilities (house, garage etc.).

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