Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best season to plant my trees/shrubs?

A: In fact, it is up to the nurseryman to extract the trees at the right time. Most species offer better vegetative performance when dormant. Once harvested and packaged, most species can be planted throughout the year without risking major shock. However, additional precautions may be taken in cases of heat waves or during transport in order to reduce the impact on the species.

Q: Is my soil suitable for the establishment of my trees/shrubs?

A: Our region offers different types of soil. Therefore, it is important to know the type of soil before selecting the species in order to choose one who is best adapted. For example, grounds that are backfilled or clayey are often less productive and are less beneficial for most species. In that case, Horticulture Latrémouille may offer to excavate a large planting pit to incorporate a soil mix rather than using the excavated soil in order to ensure a better quality of soil. No matter what type of soil however, we usually watch for poor drainage which consists of a major constraint for most species.

Q: How often should I water my trees/shrubs?

A: First, deep watering is required at the time of planting. Thereafter, one must be aware of the environment in which the tree grows by putting its hands in the ground. There are many factors which can influence the watering, for example; the type of soil, the species, precipitations, drainage, sunshine influence etc. As such, to prescribe a strict watering schedule is near impossible! However, we would caution that automated irrigation systems may not be a quick-fix option as trees do not have the same water requirements as your lawn.

Q: I require planting services. What space is needed to access my back yard with your equipment?

A: Generally, a width of 40 inches (1.1 meter) and a height of 96 inches (2.4 meters) are sufficient to access the planned planting areas. More generous space may be needed in rough terrain or depending on the specific layout of your space (house, garage etc.)

Q: Will your equipment damage my lawn during the planting service?

A: We take the necessary precautions to minimize foreseeable damage to your property. Often we use plywood sheets to circulate in fragile areas. Also, the transportation of the dirt is done by wheelbarrow in order to limit the use of heavy equipment.